About Us

since the company established in early 2008,
we were and still one of the first and leading companies of automatic doors and security systems.
We worked on the use and import of products with very high efficiency and quality.
Our products imported from many countries.
we have American, German, Italian, Japanese-made products, and more high-quality manufacturers.
because we at EGY TRADING would love to keep being worthy of our clients’ trust.
we built a team of specialized and skilled,
engineers and technicians in the field of automatic doors and security systems.
with an administrative apparatus and customer service,
with one goal in mind which is to maintain the trust given by our clients by keeping our products modern and up to date.
Our products add beauty to places and match any design you choose,
because we have a big variety of choices to match any decor you have chosen.
For more information, you can review the products page to get an idea about our products
We also invite you to look at the page of our distinguished customers,
as we hope that you will join them to enjoy products that suit your requirements.
We will be always gla to hear from you.

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