Spanish Rolling Shutter Window

Supply and installation of all types of the Spanish rolling shutter windows
1- zinconium
2- safety
3- Insulator
4- Spanish aluminum slats
Spanish rolling shutter windows are the perfect choice For,
protection from wind, sun, and noise.
Spanish Rolling Shutter Window 
1- Effective protection against atmosphere factor
The aluminum roll mat provides the best protection,
against dust, dirt, rain, and sunlight.
To keep the room atmosphere shaded in eye comfort level.
It also protects carpets, furniture, and window frames from UV damage.
2- Thermal insulation
Slices of aluminum mat injected with polyurethane form a heat insulation wall.
besides that, the space between the window and the curtains.
The sheer mat forms an air cushion that acts as an effective insulation layer,
that keeps the room’s atmosphere comfortable.
which provides you with,
better investment and enough air conditioning energy in your home all year round.
3- Sunlight control
Enjoy the sunlight inside your house and control it.
The aluminum mat sheesh can adjust the amount of light inside the house.
it is also adjustable to provide a specific amount of shade or close to ensure 100% complete opacity”.
4- Acoustic insulation
Get rid of car noise.
Aluminum foil sheets injected with polyurethane (foam), reduce the noise level.
to ensure that you and your children sleep during the night or during the daylight hours”.
5- Bright colors
with a big variety of different colors and shapes, you get to easily chose what matches your style.
adding a beautiful appearance to your windows and house decore.
6- One-touch remote control
This feature gives you great pleasure and comfort in using.
A simple touch is enough to control the movement of the sheesh mat,
so you get to choose the level of lighting and protection for your home.
7- Long life and peace of mind
Aluminum mat roll bars manufactured from the best raw materials,
and with the best German technology.

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